Should you book a Makeup Artist on your Wedding Day?

Its very difficult to know whether to book a professional makeup artist for a trial of whether to pop into boots to have an assistant give you a makeover and sell you products to do yourself on the day.

The best way is to compare the pros and cons of both and consider what the best option will be for your budget.

Counter Makeup VS Freelance Makeup

Counter Makeup

A Counter Assistant is trained to represent a specific brand and how to sell it. The products may not be suitable for your specific requirements. They will be trained in everyday makeup but not skilled at the details needed for photography and long lasting makeup for weddings.



Freelance Makeup Artist

 A Makeup Artist will be trained by an accredited makeup school from anywhere between 1 - 5 years training. They will understand different skin types, shapes, undertones, coverage and corrective techniques. They will also be able to provide an unbiased approach when selecting makeup products to suit your preference and be able to use their trained artist eye and knowledge to advise the client what will be most suitable and what will compliment the dress/styles etc.. The artist is not there to sell you makeup but to make you look flawless on your special day.

Remember that a makeup artist will provide an on location personal experience. This may work out a little more expensive, but remember that this is because they use the best quality brands, they are responsible for their own taxes, advertising expenses, insurance and all the other costs involved in running a business.

When contemplating what to do, ask yourself the following questions

1. Do you know how to apply make-up to bring out your best features in order to get the best results on your wedding photography?

2. Do you know how much make-up to put on to show up on your wedding photos?

3 .Do you know how to correct any flaws in the skin ie. dark circles, redness without having layers upon layers of foundation and concealer on that just sits on the skin?

Finding a professional who really understands your needs

A true artist is only too happy to answer all your questions and will take the time to assist, research and advise in the best way they can.

"Great makeup starts with a good canvas". No doubt, artists can work miracles… but we are not plastic surgeons! Regardless of how much we “work our magic,” makeup can only take you so far.

The best way to have great makeup is to take excellent care of your skin. Any quality makeupwill look better on a canvas (your face) that’s healthy, hydrated, and well cared for.

Most beautiful makeup has great skin that is well taken care of underneath.

There are so many makeup artists out there to choose from, how do I know which one is right for me and where do I start?

A. Makeup is so personal for each individual and getting it right for your big day is number one priority, so to try and help all you brides out there I have gathered a checklist to help assist with this.

1- Choose your theme first, whether its modern ortraditional make sure you know what style you are going for first.

2- Find out/be aware of your skin,i.e, type, condition, past reactions, allergies etc, so that you can discuss this with your prospective artist first.

3- Do some research, write a list of local artists and look at there work to not only compare but see which ones match your criteria, and ask other local businesses to find out a bit more about them .Remember that all makeup artists will have different strengths and weaknesses!

4-Go through your list and contact the local artists, ask questions like, there products, previous work, qualifications, payment,prices and terms etc.. This would help you to have a better idea of the best makeup artist which could suit you the most.* A good makeup artist know and understands how the skin works and how to adapt the makeup.*

Skincare Counts!!!!

Hope this all helps.

Ruth xxx