What Seasons colours are you?

With the new Autumn/Winter colour trends and styles now upon us it may be difficult to find a colour that we feel really suits our complexion. 

1. Look at yourself in a mirror in ambient light and concentrate your your features i.e, the colour of your eyes and hair. Ask yourself, what is your dominant features?

Now choose from one of the categories bellow which you think you come under.


Hair - Dark brown, black,dark auburn and chestnut brown,

Eyes - Black, dark brown, dark auburn, dark green, dark hazel, dark blue


Hair - Light to medium ash, golden brown, light/soft auburn,golden blond, white

Eyes - Light to medium blue or green, light hazel


Hair - Mousy brown, soft auburn, medium to deep ash brown, golden or strawberry blond, light grey hair

Eyes - Brown to hazel, blue grey, clear blue or a mix of colours


Hair - Black, black-brown, bright golden, deep blond, red hair, golden white blonde

Eyes - Clear blue or green, turquoise blue or green, sparkly amber

2. Skin Undertone

Your skin’s surface tone is the color that you can see on the surface of your skin, often described as light, medium, tan, deep, and so on.

But it is your skin’s undertone (the color underneath the surface) which determines which season you fall in.

You can have the same skin color as someone, but a different undertone.

The way to test what your undertone is with two pieces of fabric one which is cool(silver, colours with blue and cold tones in) and one which is warm(gold, colours with yellow and warm tones in)

Hold these fabrics up against your face to see which one reflects a healthy(not dull) glow in your skin.

If you find that both fabrics light up your face, this means that you are lucky and suit both warms and cool colours!

3. What season do you come under?

Winter and Summer colors are cool.

Autumn and Spring colors are warm.                                                              

Season Categories


Spring - Light Warm, Clear Warm     

Recommended colours for light warm - Bright coral, camel, light moss
Recommended colours for clear warm - Teal blue, warm pink & true green                                                                         

Summer - Light Cool, Soft Cool

Recommended colours light cool- Deep rose, cocoa,aqua green
Recommended colours  for soft cool - blue green, soft fuchsia & burgundy

Autumn - Deep Warm, Soft Warm

Recommended colours  for deep warm- Salmon pink, peach & terracotta
Recommended colours  for soft warm - olive green, salmon pink & mahogany

Winter - Deep Cool, Clear Cool

Recommended colours for deep cool -  Fushia, icy pink & burgundy         Recommended colours for clear cool - Royal blue, magenta, pine green


Colour Palette for the Seasons