How to Rock a Red Lip

With the holiday seasons approaching, everyone wants to know how to rock the red lip. However, many people don’t feel comfortable wearing them. So I thought I would share with you some greattips and tricks on how to wear red lips and look simply striking and stand out from the crowd.


My rule of thumb is if you over play your lips then you under play your eyes. With red lips, opt for a soft beige/brown eyeshadow, a couple of coats of mascara and a small dab of the red lipstick on the apples of the cheek(blended up and out)  Accessorize with some flashes of red to compliment your lipstick, and either wear your hair down loosely to soften the look or a smart twist in the hair for a more classic demure effect.


Different styles

Classic look - Matt red lipstick

Modern chick look -  Add gloss to the lipstick

Soft English rose - Red lip stain with for an added subtle wash of colour with a longer lasting matt finish

Youthful glow- Subtle pop of colour with mixing a lip balm and red lipstick

Evening Party Lips -Add a metallic gold lipstick to the center of the lips to add a sparkly finish that creates the illusion of a fuller, more dramatic pout. (Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense line has great metallic lipsticks.

Easy peasy way to apply your lipstick

Prep your lips
Gently rub some sugar scrub over your lips to remove any flakiness and also plumbs up the lips too!  Finish off by moisturizing to soften and hydrate the skin.

Conceal and neutralize the lips
Using a concealer and your index finger, apply a small amount around the outer edge and blend into the skin and onto the lip line. This will add a greater contrast between your lipstick and the natural in your skin.

Line the lips
Lining lips is key for any lipstick shade. You don’t need to have a shade for every lipstick you own maybe just the bolder shades of the bunch. Trace the lip line and slightly fill in, this will stain the lips so even if the lipstick fades, you still have a pigment of colour and also stops the lipstick from bleeding. Once you’ve done that you’re ready for the next step

Apply your lipstick
 You can opt to apply either straight from the lipstick or alternatively use a lip brush. Starting at the bottom, apply the colour from the middle out. Then do the same on the top. Do not worry too much about applying this to the edge at this point.

Grab a tissue, fold it in half and blot the excess lipstick off!

Re-apply your lipstick
Now re apply your lipstick, this time without blotting.

Line the lips for more precision
Now select a red lip liner to match your lipstick and line the lips by starting at the cupids bow to corners then bottom lips working from the middle to corner. I find doing this protects the lipstick longer and it gives you a sharper precise edge.

Grab a piece of tissue and separate so it’s only one layer and place over your lips. Use a loose translucent powder and dust over the tissue gently to lock everything into place.

Refreshing your lipstick later on will keep the look fresh and vibrant.


Ruth xx