New Makeup Primers for Brides!

One of the  most important thing to all brides is having radiant flawless skin on their day. In order to achieve this with makeup application is to get a good primer base on the skin first as this helps the foundation stay on longer, look more even and buff well with no streaks.

I am really excited to say I have recently found to amazing primers which I know all my brides are going to love!!

The first one is called Hydra finish which is a highly moisturising product containing hyaluronic acid for normal, dry and sensitive skin, it both protects and brightens. It glides on really easily over usual day time moisturiser providing an extra smooth and flawless base for foundation. . Dry skins generally loose foundation in patches around dryer areas like cheeks, so providing a barrier over day-time moisturiser and under foundations allows both to work more efficiently, so with Hydra Primer there is no more separation of foundation in patches.

And the second one is called Matt finish which has a light velvet consistency and is extremely comfortable to wear. It is applied over normal daytime moisturiser and provides an amazingly smooth base for foundation to sit on top of. It provides both a barrier and filler effect to minimize the appearance of large pores and skin blemishes, whilst other properties include oil control and an anti-caking effect. Applying Matte Finish Primer underneath make-up including the eye area, will keep it in perfect order for hours longer without change to colour or texture.

Whats also really great is that both primers can be used underneath eye make-up ensuring a longer lasting effect for all eye shadows.


Ruth xx