Autumn Location Shoot

Autumn is a great time for outdoor location shoots while the colours are rich, making an opportunity for some strong contrasts of colours. We managed to get a window of great weather so we took the opportunity to capture the soft late afternoon lighting. For me preparation is the key, so I formed a collection of ideas, sketches, photos and current on trends looks onto a board to give me a creative vision of what I wanted. Me and my husband Simon of Simon Hawkins Photography who was the photographer went through all the small details of the lighting set up, location,model,clothing and how to structure/piece it all together prior to the day.

Once this was all confirmed I then had the most exciting bit to do which is to sketch/create a look on a design sheet that I felt was going to tie all the elements together.  Turning this into reality is like creating art for me as it something I thrive on. It took me 2 hours from start to finish to go through the best outfits with the model and applying the makeup, which many people always wonder why it takes so so long to do. But trust me, if you want to look flawless for the camera it takes time to get perfect. There are so many stages to applying makeup professionally which I really take pride in getting right!

Once we got to our location, Simon always starts off by doing some test shots to ease the model into the shoot gently and it also gives me the chance to check the makeup in camera and do any adjustments before we got going. The shoot took approximately 2 hours.

Here is a selection of the finished looks of the lovely model Louise who I thought was a real pro !